Our Services

Our Organization provides multiple services to the Bahraini community in general, and to autistic children and their families in particular, and the services include the following: Raise awareness of autism Raise awareness of the importance of accepting others (despite differences) Raise awareness of the importance of early intervention Providing psychological support services for families with autistic children Parent support groups Establishing and managing early intervention centers Establishing and managing vocational rehabilitation centers Providing family counseling services Providing early intervention services Providing diagnostic and evaluation services for children and adolescents with behavior and communication difficulties Providing services for community integration and life rehabilitation for young people with difficulties Providing on-the-job training and employment services for young people with behavioral difficulties Providing services for school integration Support and provide services for agricultural workshops, handicrafts, artistic activities, music education and physical education Providing workshops and training for specialists and teachers to train a generation capable of helping and educating people of determination Providing speech therapy sessions, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy and sensory development